and adaptability

In our quest for continuous improvement, quality teams monitor customer satisfaction and R&D teams see depth for ways to deliver the end result more effectively. These teams have gained a reputation for finding innovative solutions to unique and complex problems. Neo Technologies incorporates the knowledge and technical expertise of certified personnel. This is achieved through the company’s firm belief in ‘Upskill and promote’ from within.

Neo Technologies is committed to the letter and spirit of empowerment. This is reflected in our company structure as well as the development and retention of our staff compliment which is essential to our ongoing success.




Kingdom Life Centre

Kingdom Life Children Centre was started in 1999 by Mrs Magoba. This is after she learned about the plight of children in difficult circumstances while she was a member of the governing body in one of the local schools. Teachers relayed the situations of desperate children who had no homes, neglected, physically, sexually and emotionally abused and AIDS orphaned children to the governing body, Mrs Magoba became concerned and felt the need to help. Read more

Oliver's House

Oliver’s House was founded in April 2001. Our focus is on early childhood development, education, skills development and community development. Read more