MPS (Managed Print Services)

“Most companies could reduce their printing costs by 10 - 30 %”

- Gartner

“23% of Helpdesk calls are printer related”


With a Managed Print Solution from NEO you will reduce printing costs, increase productivity and be in control of your printing environment. Neo Technologies can reduce your document-related costs by more than 30 percent with an effective managed print solution in four easy steps:

Audit, Propose, Implement and Review.

What are the benefits of a MPS for you?

  1. Identification of your printing costs
  2. An MPS allows you to receive detailed and accurate costing’s for your printing, which in turn facilitates more accurate and realistic cost control.
  3. Data transparency
  4. The costs incurred for procurement, usage and disposal of all printers, supplies and other costs associated with office printing, become clear, predictable and auditable.
  5. Control over spending
  6. You can ensure that only authorised spend will actually take place.
  7. Clear provider accountability
  8. One provider enables accountability for the services. With only one provider to pay, you are able to reduce your own administration costs.
  9. Standardization
  10. An MPS can be tailored to meet your own individual requirements, allowing greater control over your printing output and associated costs.