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Bookkeeping Fundamentals

Bookkeeping Fundamentals


  • This comprehensive training programme covers the basic bookkeeping terms and concepts

Target Learners

  • This course has been designed for learners who are required to work on any of the Pastel Accounting software packages, and who have had little or no exposure to bookkeeping.
  • Minimum 10 training delegates per class


  • This is a 5 day (40 hour) course including 3 hour examination number (serial number valid 6 months)

Delivery Methods

  • The delivery method is strictly a facilitated workshops for 5 consecutive days including examination

Course Layout

Bookkeeping Introduction

  • The different types of companies in South Africa
  • What is accounting / bookkeeping?
  • The bookkeeping and accounting cycle
  • The accounting equation
  • Transactions and accounts

Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • What is VAT?
  • The different VAT categories
  • VAT processing
  • Calculating VAT
  • The mark-up, gross margin and VAT
  • Completing the VAT 201 report

Source Documents

  • Source documents
  • Receipts
  • Deposit books / slips
  • Cheque counterfoils
  • Petty cash vouchers
  • Tax invoices
  • Credit notes / returns


  • Inventory systems
  • Costing methods

Subsidiary Journals

  • Introduction
  • Cashbook journals
  • The cashbook receipts journal
  • The cashbook payments journal
  • Petty cash journals
  • Creditors and creditors allowances journals
  • Debtors and debtors allowances journals
  • The general journal
  • Reconciling your journals

The General Ledger

  • Different sections of a general ledger
  • Posting to the general ledger
  • Closing off ledger accounts

The Trial Balance

  • Integrated inventory
  • Post from your general ledger to your trial balance

The Statement of Income

  • Posting to your statement of income

The Statement of Financial Position

  • Posting to your statement of financial position

Bank Reconciliation

  • Introduction
  • The bank reconciliation process

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