Best work monitors of 2020: top displays for work from home

The ideal work computer screens are just one of the most important purchases you can make. Everyone who spends their day working at their Personal Computer, looking at a computer monitor for hours on end, would know that having a display of the highest quality is extremely essential as it needs to have to be comfortable and safe to use. And, the best business computer monitors satisfy this need.

Offering bright, crystal clear and accurate colours is one criteria for the best business monitors. If you work in the creative field where colour and image accuracy is paramount, such as photography editing or video editing, then you’ll definitely really need a monitor that upholds a variety of industry requirements. But, of course, the best business monitors are also capable of high resolutions for more workspace and better productiveness. To further enhance your performance, some of the best business computer monitors also offer an ultra-wide 21:9 (or even higher) aspect ratio, which gives you even more space to work on.

We went on and listed some of the best work computer monitors we could find, and every one of them features their own specific strengths. Check out our list, and see which one’s best for your requirements and budget.

Dell 19 Monitor P1917S – 48cm (19inch)
HP ProDisplay P240va Monitor
HP EliteDisplay E202 LED Monitor
Dell 23 Monitor E2318H
Dell 27 Monitor – SE2719H – 68.6cm (27in)
Dell 24 Touch Monitor – P2418HT – 60.5cm(23.8in)

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